Electric fatbike

An electric fatbike is a bicycle with oversized tires and offers the advantages of enhanced stability, traction, and shock absorption, making it ideal for riding bad roads and off-road adventures. With the electric motor assistance, it becomes incredibly easy to ride without much effort, allowing riders to effortlessly cover long distances and conquer challenging routes with minimal physical strain.


✅ Charging battery takes 2 hours
✅ Fatbike has 2 batteries
✅ Range about 35-40 km per battery

Why an electric fatbike

✅ No obligation to wear helmet, but is advised
✅ No driver's license required
✅ Unlimited free battery exchange at AB Scooter Rental
✅ Not queuing at the gas pump
✅ Can be charged at home or at work in normal socket
✅ 80-90 km range because fatbike is equipped with 2 batteries
✅ Good grip, even if the weather is bad or bad road surface



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